I was in high school when it happened.

The shades were down, and we were watching a film, when a girl screamed in the hallway. It wasn’t a giggly, goofing-off, caught-by-the-wrestling-coach kind of scream. Something was wrong.

Our teacher went to investigate, and returned quickly, looking shaken.

“Don’t panic!” he told us. “Just stay calm, and go to your next class.”

We filed out nervously. The hallway was empty. But, through the double doors that led outside, we could see everything had changed.

The sky was black as night. Not cloudy, or hazy, or stormy — absolutely pitch black.

“Did the sun burn out?” we wondered. “Maybe it exploded.” What other explanation could there be?

The world would soon be ending, we decided. Our days obviously were numbered.

Turns out, you know, we were right. But this was before CNN or the Web, so the news never really got around.

It made the local papers.


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