Long before the first Lolcat learned to say “I can has cheezburger?” — way back in 1997, when my oldest son was just five years old — he came up with an idea for a Christmas gift he figured I’d like.

He had spotted a “Cuddly Cats” wall calendar and somehow got inspired to add his own personal touch to the photos: When he got home, he grabbed a Sharpie pen to give each kitten a pair of quickly-rendered Groucho Marx glasses, heavy eyebrows and a moustache.

(Thanks, Ethan; It’s still my all-time favorite calendar!)



  1. Kim (your wife) says:

    Awww! It seems like only yesterday… sigh.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I especially LOVE October’s, when the pumpkin joined in on the disquise! :*)

  3. Greg says:

    Not only do ‘kids say the darnest things’, but they do them too! Really enjoyed this ~ Greg M.

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